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Imagine you are just finishing the launch pad website for a client. Their CEO isn’t sure what will be done in the continuous improvement stage. She requests a detailed plan for the remainder of the engagement (six months) on exactly what will be built. Which of the following is the best way to respond to this request? “No problem. Our team will compile a list of the action items we plan on implementing and send them over for your review and approval.”

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  • “We always want to be working on the most impactful items. Because we continuously collect data, new user learnings, and the business changes, it is impossible for us to know what will be the most impactful items to work on three or six months from today. I’m happy to send you the current roadmap which details the next two months and then high level direction after. Also, these are always subject to change.”
  • “Our goal is to implement the highest impact action item at any given time. To do this it can be difficult to know exactly what we plan on implementing each month, however, we can make an exception this time and see how it goes. We will send over a list of all of the action items for the next six months.”
  • “Because you are reaching the end of your engagement, we will likely shift our focus towards inbound marketing. We can send you list of the deliverables from our inbound marketing engagements and we can schedules a call to discuss further.”

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