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Your client has expressed concern at you not meeting their digital marketing goals. They expected their sales to grow by 15% and you only achieved a growth of 10%. They’re starting to question whether inbound is the right way to go for their business and you’re unsure whether they will renew or cancel. How should you grade this client’s health?

Must read

  • Red – the client is most likely going to cancel. Prepare your cancellation call with the marketing manager, notify HubSpot, and pass their contact details on to your HubSpot account manager.
  • Orange – there’s potential for the client to renew or cancel. Even though you’ve seen an improvement in performance, you need to come up with a plan to improve results even more.
  • Green – you’re confident the client will definitely upgrade or renew. While the client has expressed some concerns, you’ve still improved their performance.
  • None of the above – you don’t have enough information at this point to grade the client’s health.

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