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Ben Roxey: Coaching for Transformation, Success, and an Unstoppable Mindset

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In the world of fitness and coaching, there are those who simply guide you through exercises, and then there are those who inspire transformation in body, mind, and life. Ben Roxey, the driving force behind BR Training, falls into the latter category. With a dynamic range of services spanning personal training, online coaching, functional diagnostic nutrition lab testing, boxing classes, life, mind, and leadership coaching, Ben Roxey is not just a coach; he’s a catalyst for change.

Ben’s journey into coaching and transformation started at a young age. At only 16, he embarked on a path that would eventually touch the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds. From leading classes at Title Boxing Club, with dozens of people pounding away at bags, to working with clients facing unique challenges, including kidney failure, and professional athletes seeking an edge in their performance, Ben’s commitment to helping others is unwavering.

One particular success story stands out – a client battling hyperthyroidism, lacking confidence in her body, and unsure of her fitness journey. Ben not only guided her to newfound confidence but also helped her achieve remarkable fitness milestones. She went from feeling lost in the gym to winning first place in NPC bikini bodybuilding competitions and ultimately earning her IFBB PRO card. Ben’s approach is simple but profound: “This is your life, so you tell me a goal, and call me Mr. Possible, and I’ll make it happen.”

Ben Roxey’s determination doesn’t stop at traditional fitness coaching. He has also ventured into the realm of professional boxing, working with boxers and bareknuckle champions to hone their skills and reach new heights in their careers. His versatile coaching skills have produced results across various domains, solidifying his reputation as a transformation specialist.

In addition to his hands-on coaching, Ben has developed a 5-module Mindset Retreat Course designed to foster mental resilience, overcome challenges, and cultivate a winning mindset. These retreats offer participants a journey from breakdowns to breakthroughs, unveiling blind spots and igniting a world of endless possibilities.

Furthermore, Ben offers a comprehensive 5-month program aimed at transforming health and life holistically. This program encapsulates his years of experience and knowledge, aiming to answer the questions that often elude many: Why do some people get results while others struggle? Why do some create the life of their dreams while others feel stuck? Ben’s mission is to provide the key distinctions that unlock individual potential.

Ben Roxey’s favorite mantra is “be unstoppable,” a philosophy that has propelled him through life’s challenges and allowed him to balance a thriving coaching business, a demanding full-time job in the insurance industry, and caring for his younger sister, Mirabel, all while staying dedicated to fitness and family.

Ben believes in the “be, do, have” principle: first, be the person you need to be, then take action (do) to achieve your goals, and finally, reap the rewards (have) of your hard work. For those seeking to become high performers in life, Ben Roxey encourages them to recognize that hiring a coach is the first step toward having the tools, body, and confidence to create the life they desire.

As Ben continues to work with clients worldwide and expand his coaching business, his aspirations reach far beyond personal success. He envisions building the world’s largest coaching business, making an impact in the film industry, and leaving a legacy that betters the world. Moreover, he aims to assist other businesses in thriving by safeguarding their assets and helping individuals achieve their dreams.

In the world of coaching, Ben Roxey is a force to be reckoned with—a transformational coach, a fitness guru, and a relentless advocate for a mindset that’s truly unstoppable. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

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