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Benefits Of Using Synthetic Turf

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Synthetic grass aka synthetic turf aka artificial grass is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners, businesses and in sports arena due to some great benefits over natural grass.

From saving time and money on maintenance to improve lifestyle, save water and need of fewer chemicals for maintenance make it environment friendly too. There are many benefits of using artificial grass. You can know about them in the following lines.

Synthetic Turf


The first and the foremost benefits of using synthetic grass is its durability. Timely care and maintenance means it can last lifelong. Synthetic grass is made as per the area where it is supposed to be used and it lasts longer even in areas of heavy usage like walkways in home or in a business premises.

Less maintenance costs

Artificial grass needs less maintenance as compared to natural grass. By installing synthetic grass, you can save great on maintenance costs as there is no need to have maintenance supplies like pesticides, fertilizers and pesticides that one needs to keep up the natural grass. Moreover, you need not to mow artificial grass more often to keep it in perfect shape. On the top of this, it also reduces the cost related to water supplies considerably.

Environmental benefits

Using synthetic turf has great environmental benefits too. Less use of water for maintenance preserves water supplies, use of less chemical in maintenance not only help person to do  little contribution to make this earth a better place to live but also improve the quality of underground water. On the top of this, artificial turf is created with recycled products. On an average, about 45,000 recycled car tires are used to create an average synthetic soccer field that makes it eco-friendly to the core. Therefore, eco conscious souls will surely argue in favour of synthetic grass.


Artificial grass is designed as per the area of use. Be it residential lawns, leisure activities, playgrounds, urban and commercial landscape, artificial grass works well for a long time without the need of frequent maintenance as natural grass needs. Synthetic turf is an unmatchable blend of durability, beauty and value that not only cater to varying landscaping needs in different environment but also score over the natural grass.

Easy availability, ease of use

One of the prime benefits of using artificial grass over natural one is easy availability and convenience. Artificial grass need no recovery period even if it overused which isn’t the case with natural grass. Excessive raining or withering heat doesn’t have any impact on it. Artificial fields do not become waterlogged or muddy. If we talk about soccer field, artificial surfaces must resurfacing after 10 years or so since you have to resurface the natural grass every year. On the other hand, ease of use anywhere and anytime makes it more convenient to that of natural grass.

Best for hot, dry areas  

Artificial turf is fit for use in arid climates where there are rare chances of natural grass to grow and support. Here, synthetic grass comes to help and serve a great deal to the aesthetic senses as well as various requirements in sports, business and home areas.

Reduces chances of injures for players

Many studies have shown that artificial turf of modern time is safer for players in comparison to natural turf of 1960 that has more chances of serious injuries. However, the artificial turf reduces the chances or for that matter risk of injuries considerably.

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