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The Mediterranean Diet has been ranked as the world’s best diet again in 2022.

The Mediterranean Diet has been ranked as the world's best diet again in 2022. The MAGISNAT spin-off project at Atlanta Tech Park is born.Let's...

Startup Small Business in New York

It is well known that when we mention New York, everybody immediately thinks of Wall Street, that Wall Street is the seat of the...

A Trip To Dubai City During Foggy Nights And Sunny Days

Winters in Dubai are mild and pleasant that is why appreciable by most of the visitors. Everything seems glowing with the arrival of winter...

Green Tea – Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Green Tea has a beneficial effect on human health by reducing the risk of heart and blood vessels, the risk of cancer, has anti-inflammatory...

Tips in Developing Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership and management is a big part in career advancement for employees and career preparation for students. Even those who are not in leader...

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