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5 Easiest Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

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We all know the famous saying that the hair is a woman’s (or man) crowning glory. This holds true up to this day. Just imagine a face with symmetrical features, prominent nose and cheek bones, almond eyes and pouty lips, but without the hair, it just isn’t complete. Although some people like Nathalie Portman or Demi Moore still manage to look good without the long locks, not everyone can pull this off.

Long, shiny, lustrous, wavy or curly hair is what we all want. But due to daily physical activities, the environment and physical condition, our hair suffers as much as we do and become damaged to the point of extreme hair loss. There is more than one factor that contributes to hair loss and it is important to pinpoint which one is the root cause to be able to come up with the proper solution. Not all cures or medication is applicable to every single person. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa, so it’s not that easy to always use the same method.

Hair Loss

First thing to consider whenever hair loss is noticed is that it is important to find out the root cause. What could contribute to hair loss involves many aspects. It could be too many chemicals from hair treatments, colorants, shampoo or damaging habits like curling, straightening or blow drying. While all these elements add to the problem of hair loss, other significant factors could also point towards poor diet, deficiency in vitamins and minerals, pollution, stress or can even show signs of much serious illness.

While hair fall or hair loss cannot be totally stopped, there are numerous ways on how to prevent or reduce massive amounts of hair fall to quite the normal level.

  1. Consider changing your diet – Our diet plays a major role in keeping the whole body healthy and whole body means the hair is included. Whenever we tend to disregard or pay little attention to what we eat, our body suffers gradually. Hair loss can be a sign of poor health because the body is deficient with the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. It is true that what we put into our bodies shows through our appearance.
  2. Take time to relax – have you noticed how your dandruff problem aggravated recently adding to your other problems? Problems such as hair loss or excessive shedding and dandruff can be due to very high stress levels. So whenever you feel like exploding, take some time out and breathe, make room for relaxation, go out and unwind.
  3. Never forget about Scalp Care – due to frequent washing, our scalp tends to dry out thus resulting to dandruff or flaky skin which intensifies hair loss. If you can’t seem to feel clean without the use of shampoo, then at least consider using specialized one to treat dandruff problems. It is also important to rinse hair thoroughly because some of the leading cause of dandruff is due to shampoo suds left behind.
  4. Take some vitamins or food supplements – some of the food we eat cannot totally provide all the vitamins and nutrients needed for proper hair growth. That is why there are food supplements available to fill in the much needed vitamins our hair needs. Add iron, soy protein, vitamins D, B6, B12 and calcium to your daily regimen and you’ll definitely notice the difference.
  5. Consult a Doctor or Specialist – For some reason, genetics can be a cause of hair loss and it is important to know how to deal with it. A specialist can run series of test to find out a solution to your hair loss problem.

With these five easy steps, you are on your way to taking back your crowning glory.

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