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How oracle training programs benefit employees?

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Oracle certifications hold immense value for professionals, especially those who work in the IT industry. Considered to be one of the most credible training programs, an Oracle certification can boost one’s career and throw open a multitude of opportunities in the field of technology.

Business implementation of Oracle technology allows for enhanced database management and increased efficiency at the organizational level. The Oracle certification course is therefore designed in such a way that enables IT professionals – both administrators and developers – to become some of the highly sought after specialists worldwide.


The course basically comprises of three levels:

A. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) – This course encompasses the essentials of JAVA and a general idea about the standard edition (SE), mobile, and other JAVA web technologies.

B. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – This curriculum covers various certificates that help build a strong understanding of JAVA. At present, the many versions include OCPJP 5, OCPJP 6 (labeled by Oracle as 1Z0-851) and OCPJP 7 (labeled by Oracle as 1Z0-80).

C. Oracle Certified Master (OCM) – An advanced Oracle certification, OCM certifies professionals to solve all typical technological problems and write a real-world commercial application.

Choosing a particular path to get trained in Oracle will help individuals develop applicable skills and expertise in the Oracle products. And with proper training, growth prospects in this field will multiply manifold.

To understand this better, let’s take a look at the various benefits of Oracle training programs, especially for company employees.

  1. As already mentioned earlier, Oracle trainings can really open up numerous career and growth opportunities for IT professionals. This further gets complemented by lucrative remuneration packages and overseas placements.
  2. Employees having an expertise in new product development can widen their horizon by acquiring new skills. Developing Oracle software products is one such IT domain where employees can grow by leaps and bounds.
  3. Continually keeping updated with technological advancements in the field helps professionals reap maximum benefits of the Oracle software. This also makes them extremely versatile in their profession.
  4. IT companies prefer to hire Oracle certified individuals as they can assist organizations in driving a flourishing database administration program. Furthermore, these professionals can effectively take the company objectives towards successful completion.
  5. Owing to the universality of the Oracle software, companies of all sizes and doing various businesses have been able to incorporate it without any difficulty. And with its various technological advantages, trainings and advancements, employees have been known to climb up the management ladder and acquire better job positions.
  6. Programs like Oracle EBS (E-business Suite) training and Oracle 11g RAC training enable professionals to effectively manage the complexities of the global environment, reduce costs and enhance performance.
  7. Oracle trainings contribute towards augmenting employee morale and satisfaction levels. This helps companies in reducing employee turnover and allows employees to transition to new methods and technologies.
  8. The expertise gained from Oracle certification helps improve employee productivity which automatically translates into accrued profits for the company.
  9. Oracle trainings enable IT employees to enhance their job credentials and work performances. The more they learn, the better they advance in their professional life.

The benefits thus enjoyed by the employees inevitably better a company’s brand image, market reputation and overall service quality. Even though the training process requires significant investment of time and finances, the long term benefits aids companies in eliminating mistakes and increasing work efficiency.

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