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Top Floor Scrubbers of 2023: Unveiling the Best Cleaning Solutions

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Floors are the most dominant features that determine the look and atmosphere of a place. A messy, stained floor will give the site a neglected and unkempt look, while a clean stainless floor can make the same space welcoming, breathable, and healthy.

The best cleaning machine for keeping the floors clean and maintaining them is the floor scrubber, available in multiple options, from manual to automatic. As more and more commercial places, factories, and offices realise the importance of investing in the best cleaning equipment, brands are becoming increasingly competitive in design, technology, and price.

Choosing the best floor scrubber for your outlet can be a daunting task with so many available options. This task issue can be resolved by understanding the critical features of a good floor scrubber.

Top Floor Scrubbers of 2023 – The Best Cleaning Solutions

Based on the above features, we have selected some of the best and most popular floor scrubbers for 2023 for your convenience.

1. ASC Eureka E110-R

The E110-R is like the multitasker we all wish we could be. It sweeps and scrubs in one seamless action, covering a broad cleaning path of 110 cm. It’s efficient and perfect for expansive commercial spaces, ensuring every inch is attended to.

2. ASC Eureka E81

The E81 is robust and reliable. Designed as a walk-behind scrubber-dryer, it’s adept at managing areas between 3500 sq/m and 5000 sq/m. With a cleaning path of 825 mm and a twin brush scrub deck, it promises consistent and thorough cleaning.

3. ASC Eureka E51

Sustainability meets efficiency with the E51. Ideal for spaces between 250 sq/mt and 1000 sq/mt, it offers a cleaning width of 510 mm or 530 mm. Its ECO system is a nod to its eco-friendly approach, ensuring minimal water and detergent wastage.


Compact yet powerful, the ASC GO is designed for versatility. Suitable for areas up to 1,600 sq.m, it’s user-friendly and ensures that maintenance and deep cleaning are handled precisely.

5. ASC Eureka E83

The E83 is a modern solution for larger areas up to 8000 M2. As a ride-on scrubber-dryer, it combines the convenience of mobility with the efficiency of a wide cleaning path. It’s a cost-effective and practical choice for extensive areas.

These floor scrubbers are ideal for multiple cleaning applications in commercial settings, and can certainly claim to be the top floor scrubbers of the year!

Features of a good floor scrubber

  1. Efficiency: You want to invest in a floor scrubber with excellent performance to keep your floors clean of all dirt, stains, and grime. The scrubber should be equipped with adjustable settings for scrubbing, high-pressure scrubbing, and a powerful suction system that can be adjusted per the requirements.
  2. Versatile: You need a scrubber that is versatile enough to be suitable for varied flooring like concrete, vinyl, tiles, hardwood, etc. and is suitably equipped with different types of brushes and cleaning pads suitable for other floorings.
  3. Size: A large cleaning area requires a large-sized floor scrubber with adequate capacity to clean a wide area faster and more efficiently, thereby increasing productivity and economising time and effort.
  4. Automated system for water and chemicals: Your floor scrubber should be designed to use water and cleaning agents efficiently to contain spillage and waste.
  5. Safe and user-friendly: The design of the scrubber needs to be operator-friendly, easy to use, and ergonomic. It should be safe for the user, with a comfortable seat and a secure operating system that safeguards against accidents and strain.
  6. Silent operator: Some floor scrubbers can be extremely noisy, causing a disturbance, especially in spaces like clinics and hospitals and during working hours in offices and schools. Shop for a floor scrubber that runs smoothly and silently without adding to noise pollution.
  7. Longevity and easy maintenance: Scrubbers made from high-quality materials and with streamlined designs can sustain heavy usage and are also easier to maintain.
  8. Features: Technological advances have made it possible to build scrubbers with intelligent sensors, automation, and improved options for connectivity that contribute to efficient cleaning and the user experience.
  9. Efficacy of the brand and price: Do your due diligence before investing in a floor scrubber, find out about the reputation and service of the brands, and compare prices and terms of warranty to save yourself from problems later.

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