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Alona Shevtsova Unveils “Grown by Freedom”: a powerful documentary showcasing the unyielding spirit of fearless Ukrainians confronting Russian aggression

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Prepare to be captivated by the upcoming release of “Grown by Freedom,” a remarkable documentary chronicling the harrowing war in Ukraine, set to grace multiple global streaming platforms in the near future. As a preview, the abbreviated version of this impactful film was recently screened at the prestigious Berlin Economic Forum.

The visionary behind “Grown by Freedom” is the renowned Ukrainian entrepreneur, Alona Shevtsova. Speaking to journalists, she revealed that her documentary delves deep into the personal narratives of Ukrainians during the humanitarian crisis triggered by Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022.

Drawing from authentic footage captured at the onset of the invasion, the film serves as a visual testament, showcasing the relentless bombings, devastated Ukrainian cities, and the haunting testimonies of eyewitnesses.

Throughout the documentary, viewers bear witness to the unity between Ukrainians and the business community as they confront this imminent threat. Their unwavering courage and resolute determination to protect their homeland shine through every frame. Shevtsova passionately expressed, “This film will serve as a chronological record, enabling future generations to grasp the profound magnitude of our experiences and emotions.

Only through such a film can we preserve and transmit our collective history. Furthermore, we aspire to share this profound message with people across nations, continents, and the world at large. Therefore, our primary objective is to secure a contract with Netflix, offering the perfect platform for the premiere of our documentary.”

The development and release of the documentary received invaluable support from Ukraine’s IBOX BANK and the LEO International Payment System. Notably, IBOX BANK, its shareholders, management, and staff dedicated substantial efforts to aid Ukrainians during the initial days of the war and throughout its subsequent stages.

The central figures in this film are the employees of the aforementioned organizations, each driven by a fervent desire to share their emotions and experiences with audiences. Among the key protagonists is Irina, the mother of the renowned Azovstal defender Dmitry Kozatsky (aka “Orest”), who endured prolonged captivity in Russia and was ultimately freed through a prisoner exchange.

According to Alona Shevtsova, the documentary illuminates the indomitable struggle and unwavering determination of Ukrainians to safeguard their freedom, demonstrating their capacity for compassion and support even in the face of war crimes and the chaos that engulfs them.

“Grown by Freedom” will stand as yet another testament to Russia’s heinous crimes against Ukraine, forever etching this dark chapter in history.

The directorial reins of this exceptional film were entrusted to the young and talented Snezhana Gusarevych from Ukraine, with Aleksey Yasakov assuming the role of executive producer. For further details about the documentary, visit the official website.

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