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Discord proxies – Which Discord proxy to choose for scraping and automation?

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Regarding scraping and automation on Discord, using a proxy can help conceal your IP address and protect your identity. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which Discord proxy to choose. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top choices and discuss the pros and cons of each, to help you make an informed decision.

Top 6 Discord proxies


1) ProxyEmpire


Data center proxies can be a helpful solution when it comes to using Discord while hiding your IP address. However, if you plan to maintain multiple accounts using a bot, residential or mobile proxies may be a better choice. These proxies offer IP addresses from real users, significantly reducing the risk of detection and blacklisting. One provider that offers top-notch proxy servers for Discord is ProxyEmpire. They offer a variety of options, including not only data center proxies, but also high-quality residential and mobile proxies with an auto-rotate feature for added security.

If you are looking for a Discord proxy for scraping and automation ProxyEmpire is the best!

2) Infatica

Infatica offers optimized proxy servers for Discord, allowing you to build bots, automate tasks, and enhance your online privacy and security. The self-service dashboard makes it easy to configure and manage proxies and provides detailed usage statistics, download and upload speeds, traffic, and more. Log in to your Infatica account to monitor your representative performance and gain a clear understanding of your usage.

3) Bright Data

Bright Data offers the industry’s largest proxy network, with over 72 million real residential IPs, ensuring that your IP is never blocked and your chats and servers are always protected and secure. With the ability to choose a country and city, you can experience unlimited gaming and community engagement on Discord without having to reveal your IP to other users. Bright Data fits your exact Discord needs.

4) Proxyseller

Bots in Discord promote through multi-accounting, the mass mailing of links, and the use of other social networks, which requires reliable proxy servers for efficient and smooth operation. Public proxies, due to their widespread use, are not suitable for these purposes. They can cause account blocking, resulting in ineffective promotion automation, and the need to search for or purchase new profiles.

Private proxies from Proxy-Seller offer:

-Communication channels with a speed of 1 Gbit/s and low ping, without traffic restrictions.

IP addresses that simultaneously support the HTTP (s) and Socks5 protocols, allowing for use with both the desktop and browser versions of Discord.

-A large range of IPs, with 400 networks and 800 subnets, and the option for each IP to be in a separate network.

-24/7/365 customer support, with experts available to solve any issues with setup and use, and the possibility of remote assistance using TeamViewer.

-Servers deployed in modern data centers and monitored by qualified system administrators, resulting in an UpTime indicator of 99%.

-Discounts of up to 40% are based on the number of IP addresses and rental duration.

Opportunities to earn money by referring new clients and receiving a 30% commission on their first order and a 10% commission on all subsequent orders.

-Fast order processing after payment confirmation, with the option to authorize by static IP or username and password.

-The possibility of replacement or refund within the first 24 hours after gaining access.

5) ProxyRack

ProxyRack offers proxies for Discord, with a variety of options including both residential and data center proxies. Additionally, our proxies do not have any monthly data limits, and we have a large number of IP addresses available at affordable prices.


What are Discord proxies?

Discord proxies are IP addresses that can be used to mask a user’s real IP address when accessing the Discord platform. This allows the user to bypass restrictions and access Discord from a different location or IP address.

Why use a proxy for scraping and automation on Discord?

Using a proxy for scraping and automation on Discord can help prevent bans and blocks that may occur due to automation and scraping. Additionally, using a proxy can also help hide the user’s true IP address and increase anonymity.

Which type of proxy is best for scraping and automation on Discord?

Residential proxies are the best choice for scraping and automation on Discord. Residential proxies are IP addresses that are allocated to real homes and businesses, making them less likely to be detected and blocked by Discord’s anti-spam measures.

Is it legal to use a proxy for scraping and automation on Discord?

Using a proxy for scraping and automation on Discord may be legal, but it depends on the specific use case and the laws of the jurisdiction in which the user is located. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the terms of service of Discord and comply with any restrictions on scraping or automation before using a proxy.

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