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How to Become an SEO Expert?

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Do you know the fastest method you can use to make some extra cash through blogging? Well, you only need to increase the traffic to your website. Easy right?

If you are a blogger and you find yourself receiving a lot of traffic from the search engines, you can easily turn that into a fortune.

Well, many people would usually go for things like affiliate marketing, AdSense, banner ads, and product reviews, among others to make some cash from the traffic they receive.

However, many bloggers sometimes quit because they need help to increase the search traffic. Anyway, if you are a blogger on the verge of quitting, please don’t.

You can start from scratch and become an SEO expert. The following ideas might just be what you need to succeed.

  1. Be natural

This is usually a very important point, but most people tend to ignore it. Well, if you are hired, and this is your first job, your main goal will be to get long-term and loyal clients, right?

This will only be possible if your content is authentic and valuable. Some people usually go overboard and increase the keyword density, which is unnecessary.

This might even scare away potential clients and ruin the chances of your website being ranked in a better place.

  1. Building links

Do you know any methods you can use to increase the rank of your page? Well, link building happens to be one of them.

If you are looking to become a successful SEO specialist in Bangladesh, you should start linking to some of the best resourceful websites and present high-quality content. You should never focus on quantity.

In the past, many bloggers have used this method to increase website traffic. With just the right content marketing skills, you can be lucky enough to even have some influencers link back to you or your website.

  1. Boosting the page’s speed

Boosting the speed of your page might be a bit challenging. Even if you ask the experts they will tell you even maintaining the speed alone is a challenging task.

How do you always feel when you want to open a website but the page takes long to load? Yes, I know the feeling and it is not a good one.

Instead, you will just close it and go to another website and this is how people lose traffic. People, including yourself will often assume that the page which is taking a long to load is undependable.

With that being said, you should always aim to increase and maintain the speed of your page and it shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds.

  1. Socializing

If you interact with the experts, they will tell you that without good content that speaks to the targeted audience, enlightens them and give out solutions to their problems, content marketing would be nothing.

Even in social media content that can relate to the targeted audience and provides them with the kind of information, they are looking for will always get more likes, shares, and pins among other things.

If you know you can produce such content, you don’t have to worry about getting good traffic. You only need to ensure that the contents you produce are worth your readers’ time.

  1. Tracking and monitoring

For you to become an expert in SEO, you need to be relentless. You need to be eager and hungry for more success thus, you should be tracking your results and the rate of your success.

This way, you will know how you are progressing and make improvements where necessary. You can also find some software that can help you with tracking.


Well, there is nothing that cannot be done at this time and age. With social media and how technology is advancing, you only need proper guidance in whatever you do, and you will succeed.

If you are running a business in this social media era, SEO can be the only thing standing between your business and success.

You only need to follow these simple steps and continue doing research, and you will surely become an SEO expert. But if you own a business and you want someone to help you improve it check out Eyeshot Agency

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