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How to Boost Sales Using Email Marketing

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Emails brought about a true revolution in how we communicate. You can get the message across the world instantly with the click of a button. When it comes to online marketing strategies, emails have been a highly effective tool in the last few decades globally.

Some people think that email marketing is no longer a viable option. However, since emails are still crucial for official communication, the marketing technique is very much alive and offers excellent results with a high ROI.

To run a successful email campaign that increases sales, you must take care of certain aspects of your email. Let’s discuss these below

1.   Source Your Email Addresses

They are primarily two sources of email addresses. The first one is the list you may have populated over some time through inquiries, newsletter registrations, and website registrations. This organic email list is ideal for your campaign since these people showed interest in your products or services and reached out to you previously.

There are other ways of acquiring these email addresses organically as well. You can benefit from social media through campaigns and competitions to get email addresses. People who signed up themselves or through campaigns are more likely to buy your products.

You can also acquire email addresses from third-party sources. You can define the demographics of the people you are looking to target but finding an exact match every time may be a little tricky. Besides, you can’t always be sure that the email addresses were collected with the people’s consent.

2.   Compose a Strong Email 

You must compose a strong email to grasp the attention of your audience. It should be precise and impactful. A few things must be kept in mind while writing this email.

–        Understand Target Audience

To begin with, you must understand your audience. If you’re sending out emails to people from all walks of life, you will want the email to be free of jargon and simple to read and understand.

More detailed technical information can be provided if it is meant for people in the industry who are aware of your products or services. The tone of the email also varies based on its consumers.

–        Collect Important Facts

Facts and figures can have any impact on your target segment. You must know about your own product or service and those offered by your competition. It gives you an edge as you can highlight options that your competition is not offering.

Such knowledge helps in offering better choices to your clients. Facts also add weight to your claims and convince your clients. Do keep in mind that a few figures are enough to keep the potential client interested. Throwing too many statistics can lead to confusion and even make the email sound boring and monotonous.

–        The Subject

Any email starts with a subject line, and you must come up with a compelling one. It is the first bait for the reader, and you must not fail at this step. You can come up with a short and mysterious subject or one that offers plenty of information. It depends on the need of the given email.

You can come up with a great subject and further improve upon it. There is, however, no single formula for a perfect subject line, and you have to think of a new one every time.

–        Write the Email

Once you have understood your audience and all the essential facts about the product or service you’re offering, you’re ready to write the email.

Always remember to be courteous to your readers. Avoid using too much jargon and keep the language simple even if your readers are technically sound. Offer enough details that they want to learn more about what you’re offering.

3.   Supporting Features

A well-written email with the right information is perfect for an email campaign. However, it is also essential that some additional visuals such as graphs and pictures are also incorporated.

–        Graphs

Graphs are a pictorial representation of data and information. They’re easy to understand and give a lot of information within a small space. Ideally, you add one or two graphs within your email. Comparison in quality with the competition can be useful.

You can also show sales comparisons with your competition if it’s your strong suit. However, please do not go overboard with graphs, as it can make the email look burdensome.

–        Using an Image or Two

In your email, you can have a couple of images as well. Based on the nature of your business, you may need professionally taken photographs. In many cases, you can also use stock photos. Some websites offer these images free of cost, while others charge a small price.

If you run an international travel email campaign, you probably want to use stock images. On the other hand, if you’re promoting unique products built within your factory, you will need to take their pictures and add them to the email.

–        Easy on the Colors

The background colors should be kept plain. It can give a heavy feel if you add many colors to your email, making it difficult to read. You can show your branding colors in some small areas of the email, but they should not be overwhelming.


Email marketing campaigns still deliver excellent results. They’re a great way of reaching out to your clients. A good campaign ensures that your email leaves an impact on the audience. The best way to run a successful email marketing campaign is to work with a reputed and reliable advertising agency, marketing agency, or digital marketing agency.

You must first have the email addresses of people who may be interested in your product or service. The email itself should appeal to your client’s needs and for a price that makes it worthwhile for them. Ideally, it should leave your potential clients looking for more information about the product.

Visuals like graphs and images also have the cause and can help convince the client to try your products. The key is to maintain a balance and approach the client in the right way. Good Luck!

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