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Florida Vacation Ideas: Top 10 Destinations

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Florida is a state in USA whose most land is a peninsula. It is widely known for having amazing spots for vacation. Florida has a very long coastline that provides visitors with the chance to have a vacation at any of the beautiful beaches.

Well, it’s not only sun and sand everywhere since there are other cities in Florida that provide visitors with a metropolitan vacation; where they can indulge in the commercial and entertainment world of these cities.

Florida Vacation

1. Miami city-
Miami is a big beautiful city in the state of Florida. The thought of Miami makes everyone go gaga about the beaches, surf, sun and sand. Well, this is true. The beaches are an absolutely amazing idea for a vacation in Florida. Miami also offers those not interested in the beaches a chance to be a part of the urban multitude. Yes, the main city buzzes with entertainment, businesses and fashion that will definitely draw you to it several times. The night life in Miami is another amazing thing you could experience. You are bound to meet all those world class celebrities you see on TV since they also can’t stay away from this amazing city. Great chance for taking selfies right there.

2. The wondrous Disney land-
This is definitely one of the top 10 Florida vacation destinations. Most people erroneously assume that it’s just a place for kids to have fun, but truth be told, it caters for everyone. You and your kids will have such an amazing time that you’ll definitely make a date again. The magical world of life size cartoon characters and fairy tales coming to life will bring dazzle to anyone’s life. If you’re looking for fun and the chance to feel young again, Disney land should be on your list of priorities. That silent child in you will be brought out the minute you set foot here.

3. Historic Amelia –
Amelia Island offers everyone something to fit their preference. A vacation at Amelia provides you with the chance to indulge in the rich history of this place that has been maintained to date. Hotels, villas, cottages and even camp sites are some of the places you can stay in on your vacation. Plus, you could book an ocean front hotel to get the beach life experience or just visit the beach whenever you wish.

4. The intriguing Daytona-
This beach is one of the top 10 Florida vacation destinations. The beach has some intriguing white sand that might keep you there longer than expected. This place is famous for being a brilliant spring break vacation idea.

5. Panama beach-
As mentioned, Florida is mainly a peninsula hence the numerous beaches. Panama city is the capital of spring break. Spring break brings fun activities, music and wild parties all around the pools and the beach. The best thing is that you can choose whether to take part during the day or at night, so kids can have fun too. During your stay don’t just lounge at the beach only; visit the zoo, take part in the Mardi Gras festivities and also the wild night life.

6. The tri-city-
The tri-city consists of Tampa that has gorgeous gardens you could visit and aquarium. There’s also St.Petersbugh which has the most spectacular inverted pyramid aquarium and Clearwater beach that has a combination of traditional motels and modern condos.

7. Orlando city-
This city has breathtaking architecture like Wonderworks, which looks like an inverted house. Orlando must be the heart of theme parks in Florida. Universal studios, Epcot, Disney’s magic kingdom, Disney’s animal kingdom and SeaWorld Orlando are just but a few of the several theme parks here. These spots are great for families, children and adults as well due to the array of activities offered.

8. Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers-
These beaches survived the hurricane that rocked the world and still have their beautiful beaches standing strong. Animal lovers get the chance to visit the wildlife refuge center while on vacation here. Visitors can also take part in the community events such as music and art walks which take place every month. Alternatively, research on the specific events happening at that particular time, you’ll definitely find a fun activity.

9. The famous Keys-
If you’ve never seen an archipelago, then Keys gives you one in a million chances. This array of islands is a great destination for people who love water activities. The keys offer you the chance to play around and take part in scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and camping. You can make new amazing friends while at it.

10. St.Augustine the old gold-
For a laid back family or romantic vacation, this is definitely your next vacation destination. The old gold term comes from its rich history and traditional design that has been maintained to date. This place will offer you a serene environment where you can take in the beautiful sunsets and make merry at your own time.

Florida is known to have a very rich history, thrilling cities and the most beautiful beaches in the world as clearly noted in these top 10 Florida vacation destinations. With some good research, you will definitely find something to suit your vacation needs.

For your next vacation, consider any of these vacation spots and you are assured of having the time of your life during your stay in this state.

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