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How to Choose Fashion Jewelry for Prom Dress

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While preparing for prom, the unlimited choices can become as easily confusing as they are fashionable. And needless to say, finding the perfect dress is only half the battle won. There’s a lot more choices to be made with respect to hairstyles, shoes and makeup. And not to forget, fashion jewelry.

The first step towards deciding what to wear for prom is of course selecting a dress – to have a style picked out which you cannot go wrong with. Whether it’s a long gown, mini dress, or a high-low dress, all you need to do is pay attention to details such as color, design and fir. Once this is done, you can begin thinking about other accessories.


Today we will be focusing on the kind of jewelry that you can wear to shine and sparkle at your prom. Depending on the dress, you can consider opting for classic shines like silver or gold, with rhinestones set in them to match the dress. You should always focus on the load of colors and glitters you can carry and balance them well. If your dress is devoid of sparkling details, then there are multiple options to choose from. But if your dress carries embellishments, choose jewelry of the same sheen – silver with silver, gold with gold, and stones with same color tones.

Here are some tips that can help you select the most appropriate fashion jewelry for your prom.

  1. Earrings – Earrings must be picked up depending on the hairstyle and design details around the top of your dress. For heavily embroidered dresses – especially around the neck and shoulder area – you need to select smaller, more delicate earrings. On the contrary, for strapless dresses with subtle detailing, opt for a larger, more sparkling earring design.
  2. Necklaces – Balancing is of essence while selecting the size and length of your necklace. Strapless gowns sit very well with plush necklaces to enhance the glamorous look. Deeper necklines are often paired with longer neck pieces that enhance the natural lining of the gown. Necklaces of shorter lengths on the other hand, go quite well with straight or higher necklines.
  3. Rings – Choose rings sporting discrete designs. Be careful while balancing between sizes colors, and details. Wear a delicate ring to enhance your feminine look and add a touch of romance to it. Bejeweled pieces can be worn to achieve a more dramatic look.
  4. Bracelets – Bracelets that are sleek and elegant are your best bet. With a heavy bracelet, avoid using pairing flashy necklaces and rings. Moreover, while selecting a bracelet consider the sleeves of your dress. Bracelets can be easily worn with sleeveless or short-sleeved gowns as opposed to dresses with long sleeves. Also, the more detailed your dress is, the simpler should be your bracelet.

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