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7 Steps: How to Detox Your Body

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When our body needs a detox? 

Our body is naturally equipped with a self-cleaning system.

But if we enter too much sugar, caffeine, processed foods, if we are under stress and if we do not practice, the self-cleaning system will slow down and the amount of harmful and toxic substances in our body will increase.

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These chemicals are stored in the liver, kidneys, intestines, blood and skin, which can result in various chronic diseases.

If we have a toxic overload, we start to feel fatigue, concentration and memory will be reduced, we’re irritable, depressed, and susceptible to infections and allergies. Frequent pain will appear in joints and muscles, and fungal infections will be increased. We will have more often difficulty with digestion, and abdominal bloating will be guest in our everyday life.

If any of these symptoms appear, we should immediately begin with detoxification of our body to prevent the development of some serious chronic diseases.

Here are seven steps to detox your body:

Step 1

First thing we should do when we get up from bed is to drink 1-2 glasses of hot lemonade (it’s best at human body temperature), and don’t eat anything next 40 minutes. Lemon will activate our liver and will help in cleaning the toxins that began to settle in the intestines.

Step 2

Take a probiotic, these good bacteria and yeasts balance the intestinal flora and optimize the process of detoxification. It is recommended to always take them on an empty stomach.

Step 3

For the breakfast we should take oatmeal, cereals, brown rice or any other grain without sugar and chemicals. It is best in the breakfast to insert a spoonful of fine grind flaxseed, and one tablespoon walnut or fish oil.

Step 4

Between meals to drink lots of green tea and ginger tea. With strong antioxidant we will accelerate the detoxification.

Step 5

For lunch or dinner we should eat any combination of beans, rice, oat bran, vegetables and organic chicken or turkey. When we eat, we should notice how food affects on us.

After eating we should feel satisfied and energized, if we feel tired and weak, then that food is not appropriate for us or our blood type, so we need to replace it with another or to try to reduce the amount of our meals.

Step 6

Eat green. Portions fresh green salad, green vegetables and fruit juices contain a lot of chlorophyll which is structurally very similar to the hemoglobin of the blood. By eating dark green vegetables, erythrocytes in the blood are increased, thereby is improved oxygenation, circulation and detoxification.

Step 7

At the end of the day, we should make a 20 minutes herbal bath – in the warm water put eucalyptus, peppermint, anise, cinnamon and sea salt. This relaxing bath will help our body quicker to clean out toxins.

Detoxification is healthy cleaning program that can be used in all seasons.

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