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Five Ways To Deal With Stress

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Everyone faces stress in their lives, and having too much stress has been shown to cause illness and further unhappiness. When you are faced with stress, it is not something you should write off as simply a part of life, but rather find ways to help you overcome what is causing your stress.

Everyone will have different methods of stress relief that will work for them. For some, physical exertion through exercise or sports may be the answer while others may look to herbal supplements such as Metagenics to help overcome the stress. Whatever it is that is going to work for you, you won’t know until you try some different methods. Here are five ways to deal with stress that you should try the next time you feel your stress levels taking over your life.

Stress Deal

How Stress Impacts Your Health


Before diving into the ways to overcome stress it is important to understand the real havoc stress is reeking on your body. Medical News Today explains that when you are stressed there are a number of physical responses your body has, your:

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Pulse rises
  • Breathing quickens
  • Digestion slows
  • Muscles tense up
  • Immune system goes down (making it harder to fight off illness or infection)

You are also likely to feel a heightened sense of alertness, making it difficult to sleep. A lack of sleep then leads to a whole host of additional medical problems, and it keeps spiraling form there.

Stress Reliever 1: Physical Activity

About Stress explains that exercise of any kind can relieve stress very quickly. Even taking the time to go for a five minute walk can do wonders for your stress level. Others find that activities that are a bit more exerting such as going to the driving range or the batting cages are great for relieving stress.

Stress Reliever 2: Journaling

Sometimes stress can build up more and more simply because there doesn’t seem to be an outlet for it. Maybe you don’t feel there is anyone you can talk to about certain issues in your life or at work, but that is the beauty of a journal—it is just for you. Getting your thoughts down on paper can be a great relief on the mind.

Stress Reliever 3: Breathing

It sounds so simple yet can be so effective. The best part about using breathing as a stress reducer is you can do it anywhere and at any point when you need it. When you are faced with a stressful situation, just take a few moments to close your eyes and concentrate on your breaths.

Stress Reliever 4: Meditation

While there are many different forms of meditation, some very serious and spiritually driven, meditating for stress relief does not have to be something of devotion. Simply finding a quiet moment to sit and clear your mind can be just what you needed to decompress and let your stressors go.

Stress Reliever 5: Herbal Remedies

There are some who cannot find comfort or relaxation through actions or meditation, so they turn to herbal remedies such as teas or Metagenics supplements to help with their stress.

Stress can have a negative impact not just on your mind, but your health in general.

As a part of living a healthy lifestyle, make it a point to take care of yourself and combat the stress when you face it.

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