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A Trip To Dubai City During Foggy Nights And Sunny Days

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Winters in Dubai are mild and pleasant that is why appreciable by most of the visitors. Everything seems glowing with the arrival of winter season. Guests as well as local citizens feel good to come out and enjoy city life.

People also love to go for various kinds of entertainments due to favorable climate. It is the season of different festive in the city, so if you are here for winter vacations do not forget to enjoy the foggy nights and sunny days of this Arabian city.


Forget Humidity

Dubai summer is very harsh and very difficult to bear for many but winter in Dubai is soothing that suits to every mood and heart. It is the time when you do not need to bear humidity and moisture in the air. A surprising climate of this season will make you able to get maximum excitements.

Foggy Night

The fog at night because of the high temperature makes the city beautiful. Chilled air and heavy fog compensate the day temperature and makes you able to enjoy unbelievable excitements in Dubai city. But in spite of all enjoyments you need to be little bit careful while driving a car because sometimes it gets so thick that one could not see easily. The best trip you can enjoy in this foggy night would be luxury dhow cruise services in Dubai. This trip will lead you to the fresh water journey along with foggy night and chilly air so that you can enjoy hot meals and yummy fragrant herbal tea to keep yourself warm.  

Invisible City

As night gets darker the city becomes invisible due to heavy fog. Roads, streets, tall buildings and the entire city look dim and dull and make a unique and amazing picture of Dubai. People can get the fragrance of fog and feel it in the air before they even see it.

Fog Causes Disorder In Dubai

While the fog in Dubai results in amazing views for visitors, it also results in part of the UAE with almost no exposure in the early morning, causing disorder on the highway and postponing flight. In some parts of Dubai, traffic comes to a complete halt as driver battle to make their way to work. Circumstances remain dangerous delayed into the early morning as the warm of the day gradually burns away the fog. Visibility during foggy conditions can reduce by 80% and drivers are cautioned to be extra aware on the highway.

Best Excitement In Foggy Season

Fog in Dubai does not mean that you cannot participate in entertainments at night. But you can enjoy this season more when in Dubai for vacations. You can hire a best yacht in Dubai and be on the water trip along with fog all around.

Really it would be amazing and you can feel a huge difference when moving in the sunny day on water and with this foggy night trip.

So add this foggy trip at the top of your list otherwise you will forget.

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