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Know More About The Laser Technology

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You might have seen it being used for presentations. It is simply a small device for one can to comfortably hold by hand. It is connected to a battery in order to provide a narrow beam of light mostly termed as a laser. This visible light is most in various instances like highlighting some points during presentations.

It does so by illuminating the required point in a different color so as to be clear on what is being meant. How powerful it can be depends on the width of the beam and its strength. In some locations, there is restriction on the power used mostly not more than 5mW. This technology has proved to be very effective on rescue missions. They exist in different colors for you to choose from. They are in varieties of colors.


Red Laser: They provide a cheap and simplest option of pointers. It only consists of a battery which provides power for the diode. The first ones to be released, in the 80s, cost hundreds of dollars and were very big, but advancements in technology have seen the production of smaller and cheaper pointers. Most current ones can emit even at 670 nm though one can obtain this from a cheaper diode with improved beam quality and a smaller bandwidth.

Yellow Laser: They were invented not so many years ago and can produce up to 593 nm. They work on a very complex process thus considered to be unstable and inefficient with the current technology. Their output levels range from 1 to 10 mW but varies with the changes in temperature. They thus require temperature stabilizers, but unfortunately this can¡¯t be assembled in one host. New versions of yellow laser pointers have been introduced. They have a wavelength that is 4.5 lower the earlier versions and have been made to use a secretive and more robust way of harmonic generation. It is mostly used as astronomy laser pointers to create a laser guide star for adaptive optics.

Green Laser: They were introduced into the market in 2000 and are more complicated than the red ones simply because diodes are rarely available in this wavelength. Some of its versions operate on pulse mode thus prolonging battery life and reducing the cooling headache. A boom in technology has seen the introduction of a more promising direct green pointer that could inoculate the production of the colored projectors. It is comes in different versions and are mostly used by astronomers to spot out stars.

They come in other different combinations of colors, but he above ones are the main types. Other known colors may include violet and blue laser pointers. They play an important role as a signaling tool and are also portable in the emergency kits. However, care must be taken not to aim at the eyes of an individual. They cause visual disturbances and thus low powered ones should be given priority. One should be cautious not to point them to the skin as they may cause some hazardous health effects. Before using them, mostly at night, one should check with the local regulations to avoid disturbing the normal running of activities. For instance, if pointed at aircrafts, they may cause some distraction to the pilot. 

Get the right type and color for your needs and you will perfectly enjoy this technology.

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