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Career – What to Avoid During Job Interview

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You have passed all the obstacles, wrote the perfect CV and cover letter, your recommendations presented you in the best light … It now remains only not to make a mistake in the job interview!

Mistakes that employers often cite as a reason why they do not hire candidates are: poor performance, lack of confidence, lack of plan for future careers, the use of jargon or cliché, speech unfinished sentences, badly filled job application, and lack of enthusiasm.

Job Interview

In addition, employers report that they are particularly bothered by the lack of knowledge in the professional field, lack of motivation or desire for change residence, the fact that the candidate has never heard of the company, laziness and the like.

What to avoid during job interview?

1. Slowness or accelerated progression

If your interlocutor is unable to concentrate on what you’re talking about because you speak rapidly, it is certain that you will leave a bad impression, and your interlocutor will not hear what you want to say. In this way, your potential employer will not be able to pay attention to some important facts. Also, slow speech can easily evoke boredom, and therefore further disinterest in your presentation. The questions that your examiner initiates to you, you answer with a short answer – up to two minutes.

2. Negative comments about working conditions

The employer is entitled to in accordance with the applicable legislation, determines working time by himself, overtime, the stimulation mode, the number of days of rest and, of course, the amount of your salary. Will you accept these conditions or not, depend on you, but keep in mind that your chances for selection dramatically reduce tactless comments.

3. Emphasizing personal contacts

Certainly, it is better in mitigating circumstance if you as a candidate for sales on the ground have contacts at retail establishments or if you are a candidate for secretary, and have friends in the relevant institutions. However, it is not advisable i to emphasize your private contacts in every situation, because your interviewer with right will ask you how you will find your way with unfamiliar external clients.

4. Indifference or intrusion

Certain amount of self-confidence and safe performance is definitely recommended, but if you introduce yourself too intrusive, it can impact negatively on the creation of the overall picture of you. On the other hand, if you are totally indifferent, your interlocutor or the examiner will consider that you are not too interested in the job. Try to find the right deal and show that you are motivated to work.

5. Distractions

A distraction during the interview shows your lack of preparation or stage fright. You must show to your future employer how good you are! Take half an hour in advance to prepare for the interview. There is no reason to be overly nervous, because a job interview can be a pleasant experience if you approach it as an opportunity that is provided to you as a way to show what you know and what you can.

6. Defocus, unnecessary digressions

Is needless to go into irrelevant details, the examiner gets a bad impression of your skills and the abilities of separating the important from the unimportant. Keep in mind that the time is limited by the examiner.

7. Unclear reasons for changing the current job

Your argumentation and justification for the change of the workplace must be logical and clear, on the contrary the examiner may conclude that the problem is not in the current employer but in you.

8. Untidiness

The overall picture of you is formed by the interlocutors within a few minutes, and in substance they form the final decision. Therefore, take care of your appearance, and make sure you come to a job interview in respectful and tidy clothes.

9. Insincerity

Ignorance or lack of experience may be less limiting factors in getting a job of removing some false or incorrect facts. If in the biography or in interview you indicate facts that are later found to be untrue, it is certain that you will not get the attention of the employer. Do not forget, you will be less mistaken if you stay to who you are – with effort you will find a place where you will be respected, and your professional engagement will be appreciated.

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